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  • Name: Anti-Lichess Riot Email Verified
  • Public Username: Members of Anti-Lichess Riot
  • Bio: We are Russian-speaking players, and we are banned on Lichess. Lichess gave us an unfair ban, and we can't appeal it. Lichess has closed more than 50 (!) our accounts and more than 20 (!) our friends' accounts without a reason. Also Lichess closed strong teams, for example, "Quantium CP" Team was closed by moderators. When I asked moderators to reopen it, they declined my request, but there is SergeyVoronChess in team leaders and he could still manage my team. Lichess block people, who try to give people freedom. We have passed 3 (!) "revolutions" against Lichess and Lichess fans, which restrict other players' freedom. Lichess moderators also provoke religious and race conflicts. Some of Lichess developers are also involved in cyberattacks. For example, one of them attacked Televistar. We hope that one day we'll win this war against Lichess, we'll get unbanned and all players get freedom. Best regards, Quantium :) **************************************************************** P.S Our email "" is created to force players to send their appeals to us, and we'll know more about Lichess and moderators' sins.
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Lichess: Ads and tracking

Lichess says that it doesn't track the user. But how do lichess moderators recognize a banned player?
For example, banned player is disguised. But moderators still can find him. How? - It's easy. Lichess remembers your browser and your OS fingerprint.
Also, lichess collects you IP adress. Lichess collects even your display's size. Lichess uses geo-ip databases. Isn't it tracking? It is. But Lichess says "Absolutely no tracking". Only way to disguise is to use VPN, User-Agent swithcer and new DNS-servers.
Lichess also says that there are no ads. That's false. Just check this page:
What's lichess doing? Lichess is advertising uBlock Origin, AdGuard, Blokada and BlockBear. And llichess is still saying "no ads".
How to disguise more? Just use alternatives of this extensions. We don't know if developers of this extensions are cooperating with lichess. So it would be better to choose another protecting extension.

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pawnbeat added comment 10 months, 3 weeks ago
Asking if lichess and the developers of those extensions are cooperating is actually very good.

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